Our Approach

We believe in the goodness and strength of small town America. Our goal is to be a part of the rejuvenation and revitalization of our community. Hawthorn prides itself on great espresso and wonderful shops in the marketplace, but it’s really not about the coffee or the boutique’s…. it’s all about the community! Hawthorn is a place for families, co-workers and friends to come together in a real way, face-to-face, and connect. Our hope is that each and everyone will enjoy their visit and Hawthorn will become your new favorite spot!

Our Story

Our family has been part of the Carlinville community since the early 1900’s. My grandfather ran a small pharmacy on the Square, just a few doors down from Hawthorn. Carlinville was always my favorite small town growing up! It is where my husband graduated from college (Blackburn College), where my family still runs various businesses and it is where my husband and I chose to raise our three beautiful children. We have watched this community change and grow throughout the years and decided we want to be part! We are committed to being a positive part of Carlinville growth and community.

Meet the Team

Here are a few of our shop owners and a little about their specialty products.

Email: theturquoisebuffalo307@yahoo.co

Jay Scott design

Custom Wooden Signs

We make all wood, hand-lettered, hand painted signs and home decor. We free hand paint everything-no stencils, no vinyl, just paint! Every piece has its own flare to it, and no two pieces are alike!We are a small family business that loves to bless families with beautiful home decor. We LOVE doing custom pieces that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The name Jay Scott comes from my husband and my daughter, who make up this beautiful family of mine. Together, the three of us, work hard to bring the perfect piece to your home!! Our hope is that you will find our pieces to be an inspiration to you and your family, and that you will these wood pieces would bring a sense of completion to your home!We can’t wait to see you and meet you at the Hawthorn Tree!

Jean Brugger Foundation


The Jean Brugger Foundation is based in San Juan del Sur , Nicaragua. The foundation believes that education is the key to alleviating poverty and improving lives. They provide direct scholarships for university students and school supplies for elementary and secondary students in Nicaragua. The products in our shop are hand-made by families of these students and sales help support the effort.

Brave Hazel

Hello, I’m Laura from Brave Hazel Boutique. Brave Hazel was a dream of mine for many years. With my faith, loving supportive husband & family, Brave Haze evolved into reality in 2017 . The name was inspired by my Grandmother Hazel who was always the light in my life. Her courage & faithful spirit left a life long impact on my path.
Our mission at Brave Hazel is that you leave feeling inspired, beautiful & confident. To all of you incredible women who have supported & encouraged me for the last few years, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Brave Hazel, available at my home location in Carlinville and now at Hawthorn Tree on the square in Carlinville.